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Explorer from Echolo

The latest application from Echolo, LLC is a brand new take on device asset tracking and IoT telemetry data display. Explorer, named after the first United States satellite launched into orbit in 1958, is a customizable IoT dashboard for sensor management and tracking, providing GPS maps and customized Geofences. The Explorer system also includes robust Alert management, Equipment or Item monitoring, and custom IoT data dashboards.

Already have an Echolo IoT Account? Great news – your account data is ready to be synced with Explorer with a click of a button. Existing sensors will begin sending data right to your new Explorer account and custom dashboards.

Explorer Use Cases

Shipping container tracking: Track and follow your shipping containers across the world in Explorer. Create GeoFences and alerts to let you know when they have arrived at the port.

Equipment Tracking: Keeping a close eye on the most valuable assets on your job site is critical. Gain helpful information in real-time as your equipment is used. Explorer can track, monitor, and locate powered and non-powered equipment giving you clear indications of problems before they arise. Explorer delivers utilization data and other precise data about your equipment you can use for maintenance, billing, and more.

Smart Agriculture: Track utilization of all your equipment in real-time by understanding how many hours a particular piece of equipment was used along with fuel consumption and how long it sat idle. Gain insight into where equipment is most used and needed at your farm. Create geofences to get notified if any one piece of equipment leaves the area, reducing loss.

Custom OEM DD Integration

Echolo has been working closely with OEM Controls for many years now, and we have developed a deep integration with all of the latest OEM devices. OEM DD’s Trackers and Tags are incredibly versatile. They can be easily integrated with your existing equipment, interacting with mechanical, electrical, and control systems to help you take the guesswork out of fleet and/or personnel management.

Ready to checkout Explorer? Contact us for a demo today!

Greg Winn

Greg is a veteran during the Iraq war and a unique expert in software engineering, hardware engineering, and big data which provides a substantial advantage for Echolo's IoT products and roadmap. Greg spent more than 10 years at the National Association of Rocketry, building guidance and avoidance systems for high powered rockets. After a few years in the online gaming industry, Greg built his first company a community site for the NovaLogic video game, Delta Force. TacticalZone was acquired in 2002 by Playnet Inc. In the years following TacticalZone Greg launched many web platforms and SaaS-based products including Cignal, a big data twitter sentiment analysis, and predictive tool. Greg has contracted for top companies and organizations such as NASA, Ackerman & McQueen,, and the NRA. He has become a leading authority on how to create world-class software with a startup development team then scale into a full product organization.

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