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Aquaculture Monitoring with LoRaWAN

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Aquaculture Monitoring with LoRaWAN

The growth of the domestic aquaculture industry has been accompanied by rising demand for effective water quality and security monitoring methods. Despite the progress in this sector, many farmers still use traditional methods that rely heavily on personal experience, leading to limited scientific accuracy and potential environmental risks.

In an effort to mitigate these issues, new technologies such as LoRaWAN and cellular communication have emerged to offer an intelligent solution for aquaculture water quality and security monitoring. Compared to traditional methods such as Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and GPRS, these technologies have a number of advantages, including a more considerable communication distance, better anti-interference capabilities, and lower power consumption.

Echolo, a leading provider of aquaculture monitoring solutions, has developed a comprehensive solution that leverages the capabilities of these cutting-edge technologies. The EL UC11-N1 sensor node is equipped with various traditional sensors, including electrical conductivity, PH, and fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensors, which can be easily connected via the RS485 industrial interface. In addition, IP cameras can be used for real-time process control and monitoring of the entire facility, ensuring that all key indicators are tracked in real time.

The use of Echolo’s technology offers a number of key benefits to the industry, including:

  1. Visualized Aquaculture Management: The platform provides real-time, accurate data on the PH value, dissolved oxygen levels, and water level in the pond. This allows for visual monitoring and management of the entire operation.
  2. Wireless Deployment: The LoRaWAN wireless sensing method and 4G cellular network eliminate the need for wiring in the entire facility, saving time and effort.
  3. Low Power Consumption: Advanced low-power consumption technology ensures a longer lifespan for the sensor node and supports multiple sensors simultaneously.
  4. Safe Production: Remote surveillance cameras in the breeding area provide real-time monitoring of the on-site situation, ensuring safe production and reducing the risk of environmental impact.

The EL EM500-UDL is an advanced ultrasonic level sensor that utilizes LoRaWAN technology to monitor water levels in aquaculture operations. With its low-power design, this sensor can transmit data to the Hub over a range of up to 10 miles in rural areas and beyond 1.5 miles in urban environments.

This system ensures that the water in the pond is effectively managed to provide the ideal environment for fish growth. For example, the water’s dissolved oxygen level should be maintained above 3mg/L to keep the fish healthy and active.

To further improve the monitoring of aquaculture operations, video surveillance cameras can be added to the breeding area. This system can continuously monitor the area 24/7, providing real-time surveillance, regular snapshots, video storage, and playback. This guarantees safe production in the field and improves the farmers’ work efficiency and management level.

The EL UR32 industrial cellular router with dual SIM plays a crucial role in this solution by providing internet and power to the Hubs and cameras through RJ45 PoE ports.

Advanced technology such as LoRaWAN and cellular communication can revolutionize aquaculture by enabling a more effective, efficient, and sustainable approach to water quality and security monitoring. Echolo’s solution provides a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that leverages the latest technologies to help farmers achieve these goals.

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