Move Past BLE Beacons

What is a BLE "Beacon"? First off, what is a beacon and how do they work? I like to use the analogy of a lighthouse, a beacon has one simple purpose, and that is to send out a signal and say I am here. It's completely unaware of any mobile devices that are around it, it … Continue reading Move Past BLE Beacons

Possibilities & Obstacles of IoT in Healthcare

The Internet of Things has numerous applications in healthcare, from remote monitoring to smart security and medical device integration. It has the potential to not only keep patients safe and healthy but to improve how physicians deliver care as well. Healthcare in IoT can also boost patient engagement and satisfaction by allowing patients to spend more … Continue reading Possibilities & Obstacles of IoT in Healthcare

Thread in IoT. Wait, whats Thread?

Thread is a short-range wireless technology that is originally designed for home use. It has built-in security at the network layer along with mesh right out of the box. Oh, did I mention yet that its low power meaning a Thread device can easily run on a battery? Thread is an open wireless protocol that natively handles … Continue reading Thread in IoT. Wait, whats Thread?