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Echolo GDPR Ready!

We take the security of your data seriously; we have gone to great lengths to ensure data safety on our platform and in our management tools. We will continue to ensure that your personal & IoT data is secured and remains that way by following our tightly managed security protocols. We protect your data like it’s our own, that’s only the responsible thing to do. If you have questions regarding Data retention, security and, please contact support for help.

Personal Data

Your company has a list of all types of personal information it holds, the source of that information, who you share it with, what you do with it and how long you will keep it.

Your company has a list of places where it keeps personal information and the ways data flows between them.

Your company has a publicly accessible privacy policy that outlines all processes related to personal data.

Your privacy policy should include a lawful basis to explain why the company needs to process personal information.

Accountability & Managment

Your company has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Create awareness among decision makers about GDPR guidelines.

Make sure your technical security is up to date.

You report data breaches involving personal data to the local authority and to the people (data subjects) involved.

There is a contract in place with any data processors that you share data with.