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The Excitement & Challenges of IoT

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“The real value in IoT comes down to how you process and mine the millions of data points” – Greg Winn

What’s in the Book?

In our newest eBook by Greg Winn the CEO and Co-Founder of Echolo who has over 15 years of experience with SaaS, M2M, and IoT related products. We look at the hype and Excitement along with some of the Challenges we all face with The Internet of Things.

You’ll learn about:

  • IoT Growth and the Future
  • Look at the Past to See the Future
  • Brokering IoT
  • The Right Platform
  • IoT Challenges
  • How to Succeed with IoT

“I strongly encourage you it download “The Excitement & Challenges of IoT”, it’s packed with information that everyone should have when getting involved in an IoT project.”

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About Echolo

The Echolo Internet of Things Platform delivers your data from the physical world to the digital one. Our platform and network were built from the ground up to reduce the complexity of traditional systems making it easy for you to get your products to market faster. Echolo’s IoT Platform offers unmatched flexibility and ease of use, at a reasonable price point.