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4G Outdoor Gateway

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Echolo 4G Outdoor Gateway

Rugged and Enterprise Ready Gateway

The Echolo 4G Outdoor Gateway is ready for the toughest and most remote deployments you have to offer. With an IP rating of 57, it’s fully sealed and ready for any outdoor harsh environment. This unit is fully customizable allowing it to fit in with some of the most stringent security requirements. In combination with the customized Echolo software, this Gateway is the perfect companion to the Echolo OLR (a long-range outdoor BLE Hub).

This 4G Gateway also supports a range of use cases including remote location deployments, secure or unaccessible local networks, connection failover and more. If connectivity in a remote location is holding you back, this Gateway is the solution!

Plug and Play

Getting up and running is easy, the Gateway comes pre-installed with a SIM card along with all the security configurations you may have requested. If you ordered your 4G Gateway with Echolo Hubs, then they come pre-configured to work right out of the box! Just open, power on and go!


Echolo offers a range of connectivity options and plans for 4G IoT Gateways; we are your single solution for IoT hardware and network connections.

Perfect Match

The Echolo 4G Outdoor Gateway has been perfectly customized to work with the Echolo G1 and OLR BLE Hubs. When purchasing as a bundle, they are configured to be plug and play out of the box.

Technical Details

Memory/Storage DDR 64MB/ FLASH 16MB
Interfaces 1 WAN, 1LAN, SIM card slot, Antenna SMA mount holes
Frequency 2.4GHz
Transmission rate up to 300Mbps
Max Tx Power 18dBm
Protocol 802.11 b/g/n
Power input 12V/1A
Power consumption <3W
Dimension, Weight 172mm X 90mm
Operating temperature -40℃ – +80℃ | Humidity: 0% to 90% non-condensing
Cellular Network 4G LTE (International version available)

Echolo Hardware Solutions

Indoor in the air-conditioned, or outdoor in the blazing sun or ice and snow we have you covered. Our hardware Hubs are easy to install and get operational with any solution you deploy.

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Outdoor: Echolo OLR

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