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Echolo G1 (Indoor Long-Range)

Enterprise Ready with Style

The Echolo G1 is an indoor fully Bluetooth 5.0 Hub using the latest in IoT technologies to deliver your data faster and more efficient than ever. This Hub supports full PoE or WiFi connectivity and can also act as a WiFi Access Point or Repeater all while looking stylish. With a Bluetooth Low Energy range of up to 300 meters, you can be sure you are covered. The Echolo G1 Indoor Long-Range Hub is our best yet!

Bluetooth Low Energy & WiFi AP:

  • Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Provides you will seamless Bluetooth coverage while indoors.
  • BLE Power Amplifier.
  • 300 Meters long-range.
  • BLE Bi-directional communications.
  • Easy management with built-in support for the Echolo IoT Platform.
  • Fine grain data collection (as fast as 1 second).
  • Wifi AP Speeds of up to 150mbps.
  • Wifi AP Range of 100 Meters.
  • 2.4GHz – IEEE 802.11b/g/n.
  • Custom software to work with the Echolo Edge or Private On-Premise Brokers.

Power Online or Off

Echolo’s G1 Indoor Long-Range Hub fully supports On-Premise operations, and it functions hand in hand with the Echolo On-Premise Edge and Private Brokers. Out of the box, it comes pre-configured to work with the Echolo IoT Platform, once powered on it starts collecting data and sending it away for you to save or process.

Use Cases:

  • Long-Range Automation
  • Industrial Telemetry Data Collection
  • Indoor Positioning and RTLS applications
  • On-Premise Automation
  • End BLE Device Manipulation

Supported Services

Online IoT Platform – Fully Supported

On-Premise Edge – Fully Supported

On-Premise Private – Fully Supported

Let us help you get started with Powerful Long-Range Bluetooth from Echolo!

Technical Specifications

  • Mounting – Mounting guide and screws provided. (Wall/Ceiling Mount)
  • Power interface – 5V DC @ 1A or PoE
  • Networking Connections – ETH/WiFi
  • Bluetooth
    • BLE 5.0 Long Range
    • BLE Range 300 Meters
    • Bi-Directional Communication
    • nRF52832
  • WIFi AP
    • Up to 150 Mbps
    • 3dBi FPC Antenna
    • 100 Meters Range
    • 2.4GHz
    • IEEE 802.11b/g/n
    • Can function as WiFi Repeater or standalone WiFi AP.
  • Size – 150 x 150 x 36mm
  • Environmental
    • Temperature: -25℃ to 65℃
  • Visual Indicators (LEDs)
    • LED Ring on top
    • Error Indication (Not Connected, Device Error and More.)
    • Ability to control LED’s
  • Warranty
    • 2-year limited warranty (As stand-alone Hub)
    • Lifetime limited warranty (When paired with On-Premise Service)