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Smart Agriculture and Equipment

Smart farming using IoT technologies will enable growers and farmers to reduce waste and enhance productivity ranging from the quantity of fertilizer utilized to the number of journeys the farm equipment has made. This technology will enable you to track and monitor utilization along with other telemetry data in real-time, helping you to avoid costly mistakes or habits.

Utilization & Location

Track utilization of all your equipment in real-time by understanding how many hours a particular piece was used along with fuel consumption and how long it sat idle. Gain insight into where equipment is most used and needed at your farm. Create geofences to get notified if any one piece of equipment leaves the area, reducing loss.

Fuel Sensors

Monitor individual vehicles or machinery fuel levels and track usage history. Save time by deploying your freshly fueled units and refueling your others before the vehicle even knows it needs more!

Greenhouse Automation

Monitor soil saturation levels along with temperature and humidity allowing you to automate watering and fertilization of crops in your greenhouse.

GPS Tracking

Get accurate locations of your most valuable equipment worldwide with GPS tracking.

Predictive Maintenance

Monitor equipment temperatures, battery current/voltages and fuel levels to be able to see problems before they arise.

Monitor Climate Conditions

One of the most popular smart agriculture gadgets is weather stations, combining various smart farming devices. Located across the field, they collect multiple data from the environment and send it to the cloud or monitoring systems. The provided data can be used to map the climate conditions, choose the appropriate crops, and take the required measures to improve their capacity.

GPS & Cellular Data Delivery

Remote locations are no longer a problem; the Internet of Things has grown to use the latest in cellular and GPS technologies allow your data to be transmitted from some of the most remote locations. Our solution can connect your remote sites using cellular networks to deliver accurate equipment, soil, and crop telemetry to your system.

Have Non-Powered Equipment?

Powered or un-powered, we can track both utilization and location, furthermore when paired with multiple sensors we can start to build a clear picture of what’s going on with your equipment and crops all in real-time.

Trailers, Lawnmowers, Generators, Tillers, and more.

Warehouse Monitoring with Echolo IoT

Remote Monitoring

Monitor all your farm systems 100% remotely, with real-time data you’ll always be in the loop.

Edge Computing

Reduce costs and make sub-second decisions with edge computing. Make real-time local decisions and sync your data to the cloud later automatically.

Green Initiatives

Reduce and conserve fuel consumption by understanding how your equipment is used. Improve transfer and relocation by understanding what routes you are taking.

Safe & Secure

Echolo takes the security of your data very seriously, data is encrypted from transmission all the way to your application.

We reduce the friction and need for many separate systems in your warehouse, saving you both time & money when it comes to figuring out what’s going on with your properties. Echolo has specialized in getting data from the physical world to the digital one; we can bring all your data into one system, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Echolo Hardware Solutions

Indoor in the air-conditioned, or outdoor in the blazing sun or ice and snow we have you covered. Our hardware Hubs are easy to install and get operational with any solution you deploy.

Indoor: Echolo G1

The Echolo G1 is an indoor fully Bluetooth 5.0 Hub using the latest in IoT technologies to deliver your data faster and more efficient than ever. This Hub supports full PoE or WiFi connectivity and can also act as a WiFi Access Point or Repeater all while looking stylish.

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Outdoor: Echolo OLR

The Echolo Outdoor Long-Range Hub or Echolo OLR for short is a BLE powerhouse, taking advantage of the latest in Bluetooth 5. This Hub can detect devices up to 300 meters away, all while sitting outside in the hot sun or cold snow.

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