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Smart Buildings

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Smart Buildings

The ongoing increase in energy consumption along with rising operational costs and shrinking budgets makes building management one of the topmost concerns for building owners. Managers need insight and understanding of how their buildings work, when is the peak time and what utilities are being used. Manually tackling these issues is an arduous, as well as, dated task.

Efficiencies have been designed around just about all systems such as lighting, heating, cooling, and vital electrical systems. The issue for building managers or owners is bringing that data back to one place and acting on it. Traditionally, building automation systems has been reserved for large companies with massive buildings, unlimited budgets, or both.

Monitoring your Office

Echolo is here to reduce the complexity of bringing all your systems together both inside and out. Monitor temperature and humidity of individual rooms view available parking spaces and their locations. View how often your HVAC system runs compared to how many occupants are in the building.

Temperature & Humidity Monitors

Monitor individual rooms, build heatmaps and collect historical data on your facility. Allowing you to solve potential issues with HVAC, leaky windows/doors and more.

Occupancy & Motion Sensors

Automatically schedule lighting, heating/cooling and more from data you collect about how your occupants use your space.

Asset Tracking

Keep track of your most valuable assets, monitor their movement through your building and reducing loss and replacement cost.

HVAC Control & Monitoring

Control your HVAC systems, continues monitory and historical data keeping giving you the power of predictive maintenance, reducing your downtime and future issues.

Offices tend to use around 40% of their space at any given time during the business hours, according to U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) studies on achieving operational efficiency. Data collected by motion and occupancy sensors at a building level can be used by facility managers to regulate air-conditioning and lighting level in real time, thereby reducing energy costs and optimizing the internal environment for its intended purpose.

Taking this a step further, and allowing an automated system to manage the building to regulate air-conditioning and lighting level in real time by using the data collected by the already deployed sensors. This takes the human error out of the equation and allows for maximum efficiency.

Smart Buildings with Echolo IoT

Remote Monitoring

Monitor all your properties’ systems 100% remotely, with real-time data you’ll always be in the loop.

Edge Computing

Reduce costs and make sub-second decisions with edge computing. Make real-time local decisions and sync your data to the cloud later automatically.

Green Building

Archive your goals and promises of making your building greener. Reduce energy consumption and monitor your progress.

Safe & Secure

Echolo takes the security of your data very seriously, data is encrypted from transmission all the way to your application.

We reduce the friction and need for many separate systems in your building, saving you both time & money when it comes to figuring out what’s going on with your properties. Echolo has specialized in getting data from the physical world to the digital one; we can bring all your data into one system, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Echolo Hardware Solutions

Indoor in the air-conditioned, or outdoor in the blazing sun or ice and snow we have you covered. Our hardware Hubs are easy to install and get operational with any solution you deploy.

Indoor: Echolo G1

The Echolo G1 is an indoor fully Bluetooth 5.0 Hub using the latest in IoT technologies to deliver your data faster and more efficient than ever. This Hub supports full PoE or WiFi connectivity and can also act as a WiFi Access Point or Repeater all while looking stylish.

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Outdoor: Echolo OLR

The Echolo Outdoor Long-Range Hub or Echolo OLR for short is a BLE powerhouse, taking advantage of the latest in Bluetooth 5. This Hub can detect devices up to 300 meters away, all while sitting outside in the hot sun or cold snow.

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Echolo is an IoT consultancy that takes IoT education seriously, that’s why we have sources for additional training like our newsletter and eBooks. We want our customers to be well versed and educated in the IoT space and how it can help their business. Ultimately we want to see significant returns for our clients because that’s what we would want from a partner.