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Smart Parking Lots

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Smart Parking Lots

Today it’s no longer just enough to have a parking lot, but now you have the ability to reduce customer or guest frustration, improve traffic flow and make additional revenue. Sensors can now detect if there is a vehicle in a particular parking spot. Using these sensors allows you also to see how long that vehicle was in a spot and what time it arrived and when it left, giving way to a whole new set of data that you can use to improve your business.

Use digital up to date data to display to your guests or customers about how many parking spots are available in a lot or on a garage floor. Automatically notify staff if vehicles have reached the stay limit and more.

Control traffic and increase guest satisfaction

Give your guests the information they want, direct traffic to open spots reducing frustrating jams in the garage. Allow guests to reserve and pay for spots before they arrive further reducing the traffic and friction of having to find a place before your flight!

Not just for parking!

Want to know the moment that to-go order has arrived? Maybe you need to know when a vehicle pulls into the maintenance bay or count cars that came through the valet line. Knowing the moment your delivery truck arrives so you can start loading orders for the next delivery could be critical information for your business.

Fright Gate Monitoring

Know the moment your delivery or supply truck pulls in and at what gate. Allow staff to start loading/unloading the stock to/from the truck quicker.

Vehicle Count

Automatically count the number of vehicles that pass or park in a specific area. Keep historical data and improve traffic flows.

Available Parking Spots

Display a count of available parking spots in your parking garage, allowing guests to redirect to floors with open spots saving them time and frustration.

Automate Metered Parking or Rentals

Keep and track when a vehicle pulls into a spot and when they leave allowing for accurate usage data and down to the second metering.

Smart Parking Lots with Echolo IoT

Remote Monitoring

Monitor all your lot/site systems 100% remotely, with real-time data you’ll always be in the loop.

Edge Computing

Reduce costs and make sub-second decisions with edge computing. Make real-time local decisions and sync your data to the cloud later automatically.

Go Green

Archive your goals and promises of making your lot or site greener. Reduce energy consumption and monitor your progress, by automatically shutting off lights in unused areas.

Safe & Secure

Echolo takes the security of your data very seriously, data is encrypted from transmission all the way to your application.

We reduce the friction for many separate systems in your smart city or parking lot, saving you both time & money when it comes to figuring out what’s going on with your properties. Echolo has specialized in getting data from the physical world to the digital one; we can bring all your data into one system, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Echolo Hardware Solutions

Indoor in the air-conditioned, or outdoor in the blazing sun or ice and snow we have you covered. Our hardware Hubs are easy to install and get operational with any solution you deploy.

Indoor: Echolo G1

The Echolo G1 is an indoor fully Bluetooth 5.0 Hub using the latest in IoT technologies to deliver your data faster and more efficient than ever. This Hub supports full PoE or WiFi connectivity and can also act as a WiFi Access Point or Repeater all while looking stylish.

Learn More

Outdoor: Echolo OLR

The Echolo Outdoor Long-Range Hub or Echolo OLR for short is a BLE powerhouse, taking advantage of the latest in Bluetooth 5. This Hub can detect devices up to 300 meters away, all while sitting outside in the hot sun or cold snow.

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Echolo is an IoT consultancy that takes IoT education seriously, that’s why we have sources for additional training like our newsletter and eBooks. We want our customers to be well versed and educated in the IoT space and how it can help their business. Ultimately we want to see significant returns for our clients because that’s what we would want from a partner.