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IoT is difficult, we make it easy. Navigating the complexities of IoT can be challenging, but we make it easy. Our comprehensive solution takes the hassle out of managing your IoT ecosystem, allowing you to focus on your core business functions.

Echolo’s IoT Platform efficiently and reliably delivers data from the physical world to the digital realm. Our platform and network were designed from the ground up to simplify the complexities of traditional systems, allowing you to quickly bring your products to market. Our platform offers unmatched flexibility and ease of use.

Fully Managed

Our platform was designed with a focus on stability and reliability, making it a trustworthy solution for your IoT deployment needs. You can count on our platform to deliver data efficiently and accurately while our expert team works diligently to ensure that the system is running smoothly at all times.

Distance & Location

Our distance and locating service offers the ability to configure and calibrate the measured distance of your existing or custom device. In addition, our service features configurable bounce filters that can improve accuracy for your location-based data. With our comprehensive solution, you can trust that your data is precise and reliable.


Our platform is designed to be highly scalable, allowing for seamless expansion to meet the demands of your business, whether you have one device or millions. With a focus on reliability and scalability, our platform can handle the growth of your business without compromising data accuracy or delivery speed.


Our platform’s API and SDKs are developer-friendly, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing applications and expand our functionality to meet your business needs. With a focus on ease of use and accessibility, our platform provides developers with the tools necessary to optimize their workflows and streamline their data management processes.

Review some of our Use Cases:

Warehouse & Telemetry Monitoring

Tracking telemetry like fuel levels, battery, power consumption, stock availability, and more.

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Smart Buildings & Asset Tracking

Monitor temperature, humidity, location, occupancy along with controlling HVAC and lighting systems.

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Let our Data Pipe Service take the hassle out of data delivery for your IoT devices. We offer seamless integration with various services and applications, including RabbitMQ, MySQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB, MQTT, and more. Our fully-managed solution allows you to focus on your core business functions while we care for your data delivery needs. With our expert team handling your data pipeline solution’s setup, configuration, and maintenance, you can rest assured that your data is delivered accurately and securely to your custom application or service. Contact us today to learn more about how our Data Pipe Service can benefit your business.

Echolo IoT Security

At Echolo, we prioritize IoT security above all else. We understand that the integrity and protection of our customers’ data is of utmost importance. That’s why we take a robust approach to IoT security, using only trusted manufacturers and devices for our primary points of communication. Our software and communication endpoints are secured with encryption and secure socket layers to ensure complete protection. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their data is safe and secure.

The Internet of Things should not be this hard!

IoT is complex, but Echolo makes it easy! The Internet of Things should not be this hard. IoT in it’s simplest form is just physical sensors or devices sending data back to the cloud so that a decision can be made by a person or other computer system, and in some cases that may be another physical device! Yes, IoT can get much more complex than that but often times this simple explanation is the one that drives major ROI and most of the products and solutions today.


Echolo makes getting your data to your application easy and uses traditional methods along with new ones, which most developers are familiar with. Our comprehensive documentation, Restful API’s, webhooks and sockets allow you to plugin your application with ease.

Echolo’s IoT Platform API can send commands, check device state, and more through our RESTful API or use one of our Software Developer Kits to get a quick start. Developer friendly API’s and documentation, that we know you’ll love!

Manage your IoT deployment and devices.

Echolo’s IoT Platform delivers your data from the physical world to the digital one using the latest technologies available to make sure you are getting your data in real-time and at a reasonable cost to increase your ROI’s. Our platform dashboard offers a glimpse into your entire deployment from 1 to over a million things, without skipping a beat. Hub and Device management have never been so easy!

Access controls

Platform Dashboard

Webhook Options

Websocket and MQTT

Device & Hub Management

Hub & Device Digital Double

Make your data actionable with Discovery

Discover the power of your IoT data with our comprehensive dashboard, Discovery. Our platform empowers businesses to turn their IoT data into actionable insights, allowing for informed decision-making and improved operational efficiency. With features such as real-time monitoring, customizable reporting, and advanced data visualization, you can trust Discovery to help you make the most of your IoT data.


Supported Hubs, Devices & Technologies


Cassia Networks


XBee / LE Smart


Our Platform uses a lightweight messaging protocol supported by all IoT Hubs and Devices. We have partnered up and integrated with some of the top choices when it comes to IoT Hubs and Devices to give you the best options from the start. We continue to build and develop new vendor relationships to allow integrations with the Echolo IoT Platform to continue to support customer demand.

Developer Friendly & Custom Device Support

Have a custom device and need to get it connected? Great news, we support custom device types along with common developer or maker-friendly devices like Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Use packages and the libraries you are familiar with – Echolo uses a lightweight messaging broker that is compatible with all Message Queue Telemetry Transport libraries and packages. While Echolo does maintain and build its own SDK’s that you can use, we do not require you to do so. We don’t like to be forced, so why should we do that to you?

Are you ready to get started with the flexible and easy to use Echolo IoT Platform?