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On-Premise IoT

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Enterprise IoT, on your private network.

The On-Premise Edge or Private utility enables organizations to manage the Echolo IoT platform in their private network. Enterprises who cannot deploy to the open Internet or transmit data through a public cloud demand the security and control but still retain the Echolo IoT platform benefits of developing integrated IoT applications quickly and securely.

Installed and configured within your private network to meet scalability and security requirements. All messages, software code and data are stored in the on-premise utility.

Increased ROI

Reduce your data transfer and message rates to improve your overall return on investment.


Fully secured in your private network, edge and full private modes available for platform sync.

Fully Supported

Accidental damage, theft and more are 100% covered by our Enterprise support and replacement program.

Enterprise Tough and Ready to Scale

Ready for Enterprise IoT deployment on any private network and ready to scale to over one thousand connected Hubs supporting tens of thousands of end devices all while quietly sitting on your shelf.

Enterprise IoT should not be difficult

Echolo’s On-Premise IoT utility makes it easy; we offer two configurations:


Echolo On-Premise Private utility offers unmatched performance and capability all while 100% offline.

Deploying your next IoT solution on a private or high-security network that does not allow for external internet connections? The Echolo On-Premise Private utility has been explicitly designed for this use case, allowing you to deploy a highly scalable private IoT solution with full functionality and support. This private on-premise utility is highly secure and ready to be deployed to your local network.


Transfering large amounts of data instantly from the physical world to the cloud can start to add up in data and messaging rates, beginning to eat away at your ROI quickly when implementing a high-performance IoT solution.

That is why Echolo has developed a groundbreaking edge solution that allows for local on-premise transmission of extensive IoT message data. Designed specifically for use with the Echolo IoT Platform, our on-premise utility will enable you to make decisions at the physical location without sending data to the cloud first. Thought you were making real-time decisions in the cloud? Think again, welcome to on-premise decision making with sub-second response times.

Sync to the Cloud

The On-Premises Edge utility allows for batching of data to the Echolo Cloud IoT Platform, giving your online applications access to the On-Premise data without having to send each point of data separately.

Edge Computing

Fully Edge computing capable, allowing further processing of data before it’s saved to the Cloud IoT Platform. Applications can be built and deployed to the unit using conventional development tools and processes most developers and engineers are familiar with and use every day.

Edge Location

Harness the real power of the On-Premise Edge solution with real-time location services. Accurate distance and range measurement calculations preformed on-premise and delivered in real-time.

Fully Supported

Echolo essential support is 100% included with your On-Premise utility, giving you deployment and support coverage for any situation. The unit is also fully covered when it comes to accidental damage theft and more.

Stream or Save to Database

The On-Premise Private utility has full support for both MySQL and MongoDB, two of the top databases chosen for IoT projects. Don’t need the database connection? The utility provides a WebSocket, MQTT, SSE stream options allowing you to connect, collect and monitor your IoT data.

Professional Services

Echolo offers complete customization for your On-Premise utility to meet the needs of your demanding IoT Solution. We strive to make IoT easy and as plug and play as possible for your Enterprise. Contact us to start a custom On-Premise solution today!


Closed Ports

By default, only the needed ports are opened to the unit. When using the On-Premise Edge utility, the user may open additional ports as required.

Filesystem Encryption and Hashing

The complete install including the software are all encrypted, the base system users have salted SHA-512 based hashes for password verification.


Echolo’s On-Premise Utility uses ufw it is particularly well-suited for host-based firewalls, ufw provides a framework for managing a netfilter firewall.

Peripheral Protection

All peripheral ports such as USB and SD are locked and only available on for user storage when in Edge mode. Users cannot boot from USB or SD.

Automatic Security Patches

While using the On-Premise Edge configuration, your device will get the latest security updates from Echolo & Canonical.

Enterprise IoT made easy.

Ready to improve ROI, reduce your time to market all while running on your fully secure private network? Contact us to get your Enterprise IoT solution off the ground, time to push the launch button!