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Connecting the Unconnected through the Internet of Things

Echolo is founded by a rock-solid team of software, hardware, and product specialists focusing on the Internet of Things.

Looking for an amazing IoT Platform?

The Echolo Internet of Things Platform delivers your data from the physical world to the digital one. Our platform and network were built from the ground up to reduce the complexity of traditional systems making it easy for you to get your products to market faster. Echolo’s IoT Platform offers unmatched flexibility and ease of use, at a reasonable price point.

Highly Secure

We take a robust approach when it comes to IoT Security, using only trusted manufacturers and devices for our primary points of communications. Our software and communication endpoints get secured with encryption and secure socket layers from every angle.

Faster Time to Market

Echolo makes getting your data to your application easy and uses traditional methods along with new ones, which most developers are familiar with. Our comprehensive documentation, Restful API’s, webhooks and sockets allow you to plugin your application with ease.

Echolo’s team of seasoned IoT consultants will ensure your next IoT initiative gets off the ground without having to use your launch abort system! Our robust support and documentation will ensure everyone is happy from the developer and up! It’s time to press the launch button on your project!

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Available Now! Untangle the IoT Mystery

Going at an IoT project alone can be daunting, and if you don’t know all the hidden “gotchas,” it can be a dangerous and costly game. Sharing the secrets of IoT is precisely what I want to do.

I want to arm you with the knowledge and skills it takes to succeed at your next IoT project.

This new Book from Greg Winn the CEO & Co-Founder of Echolo, called “Untangle the IoT Mystery” clearing up some of the most common issues when it comes to the Internet of Things.

This book is for someone that really wants to understand how the Internet of Things works from basic understanding all the way to advanced use cases. In this book, I have also given you my IoT Strategy checklist that outlines how to start and ensure your project will not go in the fail column. I encourage you to use this book as a guide and reference when developing or getting involved in an Internet of Things Project. – Greg Winn, Author

Here are some of the topics covered:

  • The Parts of an IoT Product or Project
  • IoT Security and Who you can Trust
  • Specialized IoT Platforms and Services
  • The Technologies used in IoT
  • How to avoid killing your next IoT Project
  • How On-Premise Enterprise IoT is changing things.
  • What is Edge Computing, and how it’s used with IoT
  • IoT Strategy Checklist
  • Use Cases: Food Transportation, RTLS, Smart Homes and, more.
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Some of our Specialties & Professional Services

IoT App Development

Echolo renders internet of things development services, delivering custom apps that harness the power of connected devices to advance lifestyles and empower enterprises with next-generation IoT products.

Custom Product Support

Echolo is a team of product experts that have launched SaaS and PaaS based products for Fortune 500 companies both in and out of the IoT Space. We will help drive your new product from concept to deployment.

Extension Into IoT

We extend existing enterprise and consumer solutions into IoT, turning connected distributed devices and gadgets into valuable assets that drive customer engagement or monitor and manage crucial data.

Beacon Experts

Our team has more than 5+ years experience from the chip level up with BLE (4 & 5) along with other RF beaconing technologies. We utilize ‘off the shelf’ along with custom built devices for your solutions needs.

Latest Technologies

Echolo utilizes the latest in technologies such as BLE 5, LoRA, Azure & AWS IoT hubs and much more to make your project more efficient offering larger ROI’s and faster times to market.

Location & Tracking

Location and tracking of assets including distance measurement, the angle of arrival, Trilateration and custom device profile management is an area we specialize from Active RFID to Bluetooth.

We’re a team of expert & seasoned IoT consultants. We build custom IoT solutions for large and small companies, from hardware to software we have you covered.

We believe the Internet of Things has an amazingly bright future and it’s already showing itself in many companies who have adapted to this changing landscape and adopted IoT. If you are a decision maker, IT professional, business owner or just someone that is interested in IoT I encourage you to subscribe to our email newsletter.

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