Connecting the Unconnected through the Internet of Things

Echolo is founded by a rock-solid team of software, hardware, and product specialists focusing on the Internet of Things.

IoT App Development

dreamstime_xxl_100588557-nfcEcholo renders internet of things development services, delivering custom apps that harness the power of connected devices to advance lifestyles and empower enterprises with next-generation IoT products.

Custom Product Support

dreamstime_xxl_100588557-product-supportEcholo is a team of product experts that have launched SaaS and PaaS based products for Fortune 500 companies both in and out of the IoT Space. We will help drive your new product from concept to deployment.

Extension Into IoT

dreamstime_xxl_100588557-conectivityWe extend existing enterprise and consumer solutions into IoT, turning connected distributed devices and gadgets into valuable assets that drive customer engagement or monitor and manage crucial data.

Beacon Experts

dreamstime_xxl_100588557-microchipOur team has more than 5+ years experience from the chip level up with BLE (4 & 5) along with other RF beaconing technologies. We utilize ‘off the shelf’ along with custom built devices for your solutions needs.

Latest Technologies

dreamstime_xxl_100588557-labsEcholo utilizes the latest in technologies such as BLE 5, LoRA, Azure & AWS IoT hubs and much more to make your project more efficient offering larger ROI’s and faster times to market.

Location & Tracking

dreamstime_xxl_100588557-locationLocation and tracking of assets including distance measurement, angle of arrival, Trilateration and custom device profile management is an area we specialize from Active RFID to Bluetooth.

We’re a team of expert & seasoned IoT consultants. We build custom IoT solutions for large and small companies, from hardware to software we have you covered.

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