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The Internet of Things is playing a considerable role everywhere nowadays. We use it in our homes and business. For large organizations worried about security or enterprises that hold sensitive data about its customers, IoT might be too “new” and “insecure.” With the latest findings on Facebook and others its no wonder large organizations are taking extra precautions to protect user data. We also see a crackdown from our own “US” and external governments.

Protecting data is a serious business, it has created new jobs and even new products. For organizations wanting to implement IoT and secure some of its significant benefits, this is a hard choice and is a very complicated landscape.


On-Premise IoT becoming a very popular choice

We have seen a significant uptick in “offline” or “On-Premise” IoT / “Intranet of Things” solutions being requested. The more substantial number of requests for offline or On-Premise IoT is due to the issues mentioned above, but how can organizations implement and adopt some of the IoT benefited without risking the information they work so hard to protect every day.

If you have seen our previous post on IoT Security, it comes down to a few things. Getting the equipment from trusted manufacturers that take end device security seriously. Next, the software you are using must be secured and from a trusted resource that places its core value in security first. It’s important to have the proper backgrounds in the disciplines needed to make your IoT project successful.


On-Premise Intranet of Things

Welcome to the world of On-Premise and “Offline” or “disconnected” Intranet of Things. Echolo has been working with large organizations to develop a fully functional On-Premise Private offline solution. We want to empower high-security networks and large organizations to reap the benefits of IoT.

Designed specifically for use with the Echolo IoT Platform, our on-premise broker will enable you to make decisions at the physical location without sending data to the cloud. This is key, and we do not need to submit your data outside of your network! The data is processed and cleaned then stored 100% on your secure private network. Large organizations have already spent countless IT dollars on building highly secure systems.

There’s no reason for you to punch a hole through that security layer. The Echolo On-Premise IoT broker is a physical utility that connects to your local network. Once joined, Hub’s or information sources can start communicating with this On-Premise utility.


  • Easy to Install
  • Secure Communications
  • Automatic Echolo IoT Platform Sync for offsite applications.
  • Real-Time computing and decision making at the edge.
  • Helps control messaging and data transfer costs


After implementing the Echolo On-Premise Broker, the organization can start to reap the benefits along with any future IoT project they may want to deploy. The Utility can be used for many complex IoT implementations.

Getting the data from the Broker to your secure database is simple, it has full support for three of the top IoT database choices; MySQL, MS SQL, and MongoDB. Want to communicate with your deployed end-user devices, such as sending notifications or unlocking a door? The Broker fully supports bi-directional communication with sub-second response times. The best part is that this all happens without any data leaving your local network!


Get started with secure IoT now!

Secure Internet of Things is a passion of mine and is something I cover in more detail in my latest book. No organization should fear to implement a new technology like this, we work hard at Echolo to make sure your company or organization can deploy and use IoT safely and securely. Take a look at our On-Premise offering here.


Get the Book on IoT!

When trying to understand the Internet of things it starts to get confusing when you attempt to “swallow” the whole pill at once. IoT is a BIG pill and can get larger the longer you think about it or even search online for answers. The Internet of Things should not be this complicated and in my latest book “Untangle the IoT Mystery” I cover the very basics of what makes up the Internet of things from a full blow product to the smaller parts of the project or product like hardware and software.

When looking at this, I also dig into IoT security and how to avoid getting yourself into trouble. Security with IoT is relatively simple as long as you follow the easy to use rules I lay out. After many years in both the M2M industry along with IoT, my new Book provides you with a proven IoT Strategy Framework and the all-important IoT Checklist to keep you running smooth.

This book is for someone that wants to understand how the Internet of Things works from basic understanding all the way to advanced use cases. In this book, I have also given you my IoT Strategy checklist that outlines how to start and ensure your project will not go in the fail column. I encourage you to use this book as a guide and reference when developing or getting involved in an Internet of Things Project.

Greg Winn

Greg is a highly qualified software engineer and expert in big data, with extensive experience in the development of guidance and avoidance systems for high-powered rockets. A veteran of the Air Force, he has spent over a decade at the National Association of Rocketry and has also worked in the online gaming industry. In 2002, Greg founded, a community site for the NovaLogic video game Delta Force, which was later acquired by Playnet Inc. He has since launched several web platforms and SaaS products, including Cignal, a big data Twitter sentiment analysis and predictive tool. Greg has worked with leading companies and organizations such as NASA, Ackerman & McQueen,, and the NRA, gaining a reputation as an authority on how to create and scale world-class software products with startup development teams. His expertise in software engineering, hardware engineering, and big data make him a valuable asset to Echolo's IoT products and roadmap.

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